Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Faith Bible Teachings on Jesus Christ

A study of the scriptures produces faith and knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Such Bible teachings on spiritual development and Christian doctrine produces an overall better life. Here are just a few doctrines taught on this site.

Identification with God: How to become a Christian. Knowing who you are now after becoming a Christian. The righteousness you possess. Your connection with God. The old life of sin and the new life in Christ which came about because of repentance towards the truth.

Personal Development: Building your faith in God and the Bible as the source of truth you live by. The place of prayer and study of the scriptures in a daily walk. Understanding the Gospel and how to live out these truths. Revelation of the character of Love God puts in us.
Christian Life: The presence of God revealed in our relationship with Him. Why worship is essential to your walk with God and how the Holy Spirit helps you. Knowing God is our provision for all of our needs including good health and healing for the body. Financial concerns are provided and overcoming addiction.

Doctrines: What are the doctrines of sanctification, justification, glorification and holiness all about? Salvation based on the work of The Cross and resurrection is the foundation of the Christian life.

Service and Ministry: Teaching others to help them produce growth in their life aids you as well. What are the gifts of the Spirit? How we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God Bless, Bill Naugle

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